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Product Details

Material: Stainless Steel Heat Source: Electric,Gas,Diesel
Waranty: 1 Year Trademark: MaxWell
Transport Package: Plywood Case Origin: Yantai China

Product Description

Product description of Industrial Meat Slicer :

It is mainly used for meat slicing, shredding, and stuffing. It is an ideal equipment for meat processing in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, and individual processors.

The meat cutting part of the machine uses two sets of rotating blades to cut cross-cuts to process pieces of fine meat into flakes and filaments. The ground meat part is fed by dragon dragon, and the rotary reamer is tangent to the end face of the fixed mesh knife. Its products are uniform in thickness and size, and the cut surface tissue is fresh without damaging the fibrous tissue. The machine is simple to operate, convenient to maintain, hygienic, safe and efficient, and is an ideal equipment for processing meat.


1. The biggest advantage is that it will not destroy the original fiber tecture of raw materials.
    What’s more, the whole produce time is shorter, from food raw material to completed  products, it can excellently reduce the temperature raising of food raw materials and keep their natural quality & tasty.
2. Made of Food-contact Grade stainless steel SUS304, fully satisfy to HACCP Standard and GMP Standard. Easy to clean.
3. Higher efficiency, and save working time & labor.
4. Smaller Power Capacity, saving electricity, lower cost
5. Reasonable design for the auger shaft lead, with high rational speed
6. Larger size for feeding inlet Hopper, easy to feed food raw materials,
7. Faster discharging process, & high efficiency of output.

Our Services
1. Overseas Service.                                                                               
Our engineer are available to serve overseas.
2. Guarantee. 
Guarantee period is one year.  
3. Spare Parts  
 Any spare parts you need, you can come to us.

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